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Donna L. Rooney, Trial Attorney/Director of Education

Donna Rooney, as Trial Attorney and Director of Education, has extensive experience in medical legal litigation as a trial attorney, and has been recognized as a national leader in the field of healthcare legal training for thousands of healthcare professionals throughout the US . Ms. Rooney has been instrumental in making the LNC Educational Center one of the largest healthcare legal training centers in the nation.

Ms. Rooney is also member of the Florida Bar, Federal Bar, American Bar Association, Florida Nurses Association, American Society of Legal Nurse Consultants, National Nurses Academy For Public Action (NNAPA).

Contact: rooneylaw@aol.com


Darryn L. Silverstein, Director of Legal Education

Mr. Silverstein serves as an exceptional instructor and creates legal training curriculum for the LNC Educational Center . A partner and civil trial attorney handling Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death and Product Liability cases since 1985. He is a member of the Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers , The Association of Trial Lawyers of America , The Dade County Trial Lawyers Association and a member of the Florida Bar. Mr. Silverstein serves as an exceptional instructor and creates legal training curriculum for the LNC Educational Center .


Drew Skavroneck, Director of Human Resources

Mr. Skavroneck has been a leader in the field of human resources and holds one of the most prestigious accomplishments for Human Resource Directors. He has served as the National Director Of HR for a fortune 500 company, Executive VP of HR, and has assisted companies in coordinating personnel through large acquisitions and mergers. Presently, he serves as Director of Human Resources for Legal Nurse Consultants. He continues to expand exceptional educational opportunities and training for the Center, throughout the United States.

Contact: dskavroneck@lnccenter.com


Erick J. Torres, BA, Director of IT

Erick Torres is our Director of Information Technology. A graduate of Loyola University of New Orleans, he is an expert in all fields of information technology including web administration, network engineering, perl scripting, html, UNIX and Windows based system administration, application engineering.

In the past, Erick has worked for companies such as AOL, LLC. and Real Networks. As owner/CEO of ETProductions.net, he has created inventive and interactive web designs for multiple organizations.

Sarita Hleap, BS, MA, CMI, Manager of Marketing

Ms. Hleap providing cutting edge, state-of-the-art technology and marketing presentations.

Ms. Hleap, trained at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine where she received her Masters of Art in Medical and biological Illustration, utilizes her medical training and her artistic talents in the legal field. She also is a dedicated, dynamic speaker and presenter for the LNC Educational Center .


Lois Infanti, BA, Academic Program Coordinator

Ms. Infanti plays an important role managing our LNC Program Coordinators, implementing mentorship uniformity and exceptional training educational experiences for our student body throughout the United States . Ms. Infanti has extensive organizational and program design acumen, making the LNC Educational Center one of the highest rated legal training centers in the country.


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