Home Based LNC Program


The student begins this dynamic LNC training program on DVDs, plus your LNC book. The student will learn National Law, 15 Essential Rules for Obtaining Medical Experts, 13 Strategies for Client Interviewing, and 7 Key Steps to Critically Analyze Medical Malpractice Cases. Learn 5 LNC Strategies for Defending Nursing Home Negligence and Medical Malpractice Cases, And much more! Superior Education = Superior Results! Our job is to make you Polished, Powerful, and Professional! This Program is designed to do just that!

Then . . .you will also receive a LIVE web-teleconferencing session to expound upon information and answer any questions that you have and train you on your State Law!

The LNC needs more than just competency and knowledge…you need to run your SIX figure business and make it grow! The student will also receive a powerful LNC Marketing DVD Training Program essential for every LNC to run a successful LNC business and learn the “diamonds” of knowing how to do LNC Marketing! There is NO extra charge for our LNC Students!


Your LNC Book includes a HOME STUDY, giving you assignments to complete as a real practicing LNC. We want you to make all your mistakes HERE…not in front of your clients! This portion of the training is key to getting practical experience. Each student will have FULL faculty /staff support to allow all questions to be answered and guided along the way as you prepare to do the real work of the LNC! This interactive program serves to prepare you for your ASLNC Certification through the American Society of Legal Nurse Consultants.

All your materials are then mailed back to us for your benefit and then critiqued.


The LNC Center Exam is a “take home” exam (included FREE) created for the student and faculty to measure your progress. This “take home” LNC Exam is an Excellent Preparation for the ASLNC Certification Exam. Our students have an outstanding passing rate (88%) as a result of the thorough preparations we give you prior to the ASLNC Examination. (The ASLNC examination fee is separate.) Go to www.ASLNClegal.org for more information on Certification and re-Certification.


Our LNC Home-Based Program allows our students to receive PERSONAL One-on-One Telephone Mentoring for each of our LNC’s. This is the POLISHING stage, where the LNC prepares to start their business, confidently and competently. You will get 2-3 mentoring sessions and our LNC’s LOVE this part of the program!